After the crazy success of our last cheat for City of Love, We’re back for a new adventure. Our whole team is proud to present its new Episode cheatsThanks to the recent exploits of our developers, unlocking Episode free passes on your account in no time at all !

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What is the point of having Episode free passes?

Like most mobile games, Episode – Choose Your Story is a free-to-play game, i. e. completely free. At least that’s what you thought…

Indeed, many games of the same type use the same mode of operation. You can play it for free, but internal resources (such as passes or gems) are available to speed up your progress and give you a little help. These resources will be useful in many tasks: unlock many items, increase your popularity, etc. Only to get these precious passes, you will have to play and play for many more days. You can also buy Episode Passes in the shop, but you’ll have to spend your real money.

All this was before! It is now possible to get Episode free passes and gems with our last episode cheats. This tool will allow you to hack games and simulate a purchase in the shop. Our developers have developed this flaw to perfection. You don’t have to go broke to get your precious resources.

This kind of cheats tool helps to reduce inequality between different players. In fact, before the creation of such a tool, only the richest players had the luxury of buying precious resources in the in-house game shop. In this way, only the richest could progress quickly. But now all players are on the same level, and everyone has the same chances of winning.

In recent years, game developers for smartphones have changed their strategy to make money. Games are no longer paid for. You’ve probably noticed that most games are free, at least in the beginning. The creator gives you the illusion of a free game so that later on, you spend your money with your google play account, or iOS. Most players will become more or less addicted to these great games, and will want to play more and more. The only way will be to buy passes for the gold price… But all this was before the creation of our Episode cheats generator.



How to use our Episode: Choose Your Story cheats:

  • Go to one of the “free passes hack here” buttons to access the online generator. These buttons are available in several places on the site.
  • Fill in your operating system corresponding to your device (iOS, Android…)
  • Enter your username that you use on the game. Most of the time, this nickname corresponds to the email you enter when you register. If you have forgotten your mail, don’t panic: you can simply enter the mail associated with your download platform (App Store or Google Play). Our generator makes the link between your email and your account.
  • Select the number of passes and gems you want to generate using the drop-down menu. You can repeat this operation several times.
  • Validate the last step of anti-spam security. This step has been added to the misuse suite, in order to prevent bots from generating unlimited resources on fake accounts.
  • You can now log in to your favorite game and enjoy the freshly added resources. They are usable like the real ones!


The success of narrative mobile games with young people: the episode example – choose your story

It is one of the most promising games of the year 2018. It is one of the biggest successes in the mobile gaming industry since its inception. Indeed, the narrative concept implies an immersion for the players: it is they who choose their own story. Some paths are planned in advance, but it is you who will choose the way to reach the end. The game ensures quality content for its players. it’s one of the biggest differences from the competition. To get this valuable content, the team works together to find little bits of history that are offered to a small audience. If the story pleases, it is validated and incorporated into the game. This innovative system has allowed Episode to become one of the most popular games of all time…


Short presentation of the game Episode: Choose Your Story

Episode is a new simulation game in which you are immersed in the life of a high school girl. So you play the role of a young girl who is taking her first steps in a new high school for the start of the new school year. Isn’t it exciting?

The game takes place on a beautiful American campus. As the game progresses, you will have to learn to integrate into this environment and make friends. As the game progresses, your situation will change and you will have choices to make… But be careful, each choice you make will have consequences on the story you are writing.

Episode is called a narrative game. This concept has been a success since its release. Many new games opt for this mode.

This game is of course geared towards girls looking for love and adventure. It is up to you to make the right choices to make this adventure as beautiful as possible. This game is really realistic and will please many of you. Also, with the new episode – Choose Your Story Cheats, you don’t have any excuse not to test this wonderful game.

This mobile game is downloadable from the classic download platforms, namely Android and iOS. This little gem was developed by Episode Interactive, a famous American game publisher.

Their success was rapid and this game has an active community of players.

Do not hesitate to share your opinions, your impressions on this game, but also on our Episode cheat tool. We will take this into account to improve in the future!

See you soon for new adventures!